Hosted Moodle - Moodle hosting and management in a Data Centre environment. You can choose to have either a dedicated or shared server depending on your requirements.

Cloud hosted Moodle - Moodle Hosting and management in a cloud environment.

Onsite Moodle - Manage and host your Moodle on your premises in a suitable server hosting environment.


Server only support - Ongoing technical support for your Moodle and/or server. This includes server monitoring and Moodle backups.

Standard support - A fully-managed service covering server and user support for your Moodle. Includes Helpdesk technical support and out-of-hours support for any critical issues.

Premium support - A fully-managed priority service including priority response and enhanced SLAs. Includes Helpdesk, freephone technical support and out-of-hours support for any critical issues


Remote training - Standard remote training, using screen-sharing software, for Moodle Administrators.

Onsite training - Onsite training at your premises for Adminstrators and key users.

Implementation & Premium Training plan - Full consultatation, training needs, analysis and a roll-out plan to ensure a successful Moodle implementation.


Standard theme - A standard Moodle theme customised with your branding / logo / colour scheme.

Bespoke theme - A bespoke Moodle theme developed to encompass your brand along with additional design and user experience elements.

Add mobile theme - A Moodle theme specificly designed for Mobile devices customised with your branding.

MIS Integration:

Userkit - Integration facilitating user synchronisation between your MIS and Moodle. Enables ongoing 'live' synchronisation of users and groups to Moodle courses.

Reportkit - Userkit + Integration from your MIS facilitating online reporting to Parents. Features include Attendance, Assessment, Achievement and Behaviour reporting.

Toolkit - Userkit + Reportkit + Integration allowing information write-back to your MIS. Features include Registers, Achievement, Behaviour and Reports.

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MIS Integration: